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DeLever APC Prep Day Online

Overview - APC Prep Day Online Explained

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The DeLever APC Prep Day is facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS.  A little bit about why Jon is doing this... Jon has:

  • Been instrumental in the APC's development over the last 20 years

  • Trained over 7,500 Assessors in the last 16 years

  • Facilitated well over 2000 APC Assessments (Real & Mocks)

  • Spent 18 years as an RICS Training advisor advising thousands of candidates, supervisors and counsellors and employers

  • Sat on a number of high level boards at RICS including Regulation and Governing Council

  • Has run DeLever for over 20 years focusing on supporting thousands of people through their professional charter


The DeLever Prep Day agenda is designed to give you a lot of information about a lot of things, focus on the key pitfalls and errors candidates make and give you guidance and strategies to deal with your own unique APC Journey

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Assessors trained by Jon Lever FRICS so far!  


The APC Prep Day is Jon's chance to tell you what the assessors are looking for..?


A guiding light for your APC journey

Coaching 250c

DeLever APC Prep Day agenda


09:00  Welcome

09:30  APC Process & myAPC Diary & arc

  • The whole APC Journey

  • Routes, pathways, roles and responsibilities

  • Recording data, myAPC Diary saving you 60% of your admin time and presenting it all in arc at the end of the process

  • Diary, logbook, CPD, Summary of experience

10:30  Practical workshop

  • How to write competencies

  • A step by step guide of how to write up levels 1, 2 and 3 with examples

11:15  Break

11:30  Case Study

  • An explanation of the case study components, how best to select a project and how to write the report

12:00  Practical workshop

  • Case Study discussion

  • An opportunity for you to bring your case study ideas and we can discuss them in this workshop

12:45  Lunch

13:30  Final Assessment

  • The preparation and final assessment interview explained

14:00  Final Assessment Presentation

  • How to write the presentation and present it online

14:30  APC Interview Explained (unique to DeLever!)

  • Including interview recordings/multiple pathways

  • Using 100s of hours of mock interview footage we have picked the best bits to walk you through the APC interview and you can see how others have dealt with the stresses and questions they were asked

15:30  Break

15:45  How I have trained the Assessors to assess You

  • Jon has trained 7,500 of them and can give you a unique insight into how an assessor ticks

16:15  Rules & Ethics (plus the impending changes)

  • The latest information about one of the most important parts of your assessment

16:45  HotTopic discussion

  • DeLever produce a hot topic mind mapo every 6 months and Jon will walk you through some of the latest hot topics

17:15  Round Up

  • Collecting up any loose ends that may have come about from the APC Prep day

17:30  Close

Q&A Throughout

  • Ask any APC process questions throughout the day.  there are no stupid questions!

A jam-packed agenda...


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DeLever APC Prep Day Online

Available every 2 months

£150.00 incl VAT

(£125.00 excl vat)




IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

  • Cancellation - If you decide to cancel your DeLever APC prep day purchase you can do so by contacting   [email protected]   .  DeLever will refund the full ticket price but you will not benefit from any of the special offers offered for the date you have booked

  • Guidance & Advice - Please note the DeLever APC Expert Coaches provide their comments on the basis of their APC assessing experience. However, this does not guarantee that you will pass your APC as this is always dependent upon your engagement, preparation and  performance on the actual RICS APC assessment day.

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DeLever APC Prep Day online Dates

  • Monday 30th November 2020

  • Thursday 21st January 2021

  • Thursday 18th March 2021

  • Thursday 20th May 2021

  • Thursday 22nd July 2021

  • Thursday 23rd September 2021

  • Thursday 25th November 2021


  • A load of resources and templates



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 Every delegate attending the 30.11.20 DeLever APC Prep Day will receive a link to stream our online APC Mandatory Competency Revision Pack





Normally £385


7hrs Formal CPD 

at the  DeLever APC Prep Day


11hrs Formal CPD in the Mandatory Competency Revision Pack


A little Christmas present

from us to you!

18hrs CPD

Taking bookings now


30 Tickets @ £50

For 30 November 2020 Event

Available from 23.11.20

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