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Black Lives Matter!

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DeLever APC Roadshow

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4+hrs CPD



It's GOOD to TALK and get great advice TOO!



Your Online Weekly Wednesday workout, connecting with the outside APC world!

DeLever is providing a new weekly online APC Surgery where you can talk to Jon Lever FRICS about any APC queries you have during your APC Journey?

Jon has been an RICS Training Advisor for the last 18 years, trained over 7,500 RICS

members to be APC Assessors for the last 14 years and APC Final Assessment Assessor

& Chair for the last 21 years.  He knows a little bit about the APC!


Each Wednesday Surgery will have a 10 minute hot topic or top tip  presentation, a APC process discussion and a apC timeline prompt about what you should be doing now and next.  Plus guest appearances from APC Candidates and Assessors.  A GREAT opportunity.  Don't miss it!


All subscribed candidates will have access to the surgery archive recordings (the volume of recordings will be dependent upon your subscription choice).


From the successes of the face to face APC Roadshows we are bringing you this brand new online service whilst we are all taking care to beat this world wide pandemic.  Stay safe and stay supported.

Starts at

£9.98 incl VAT

per month,

per person.

INDIVIDUAL - GOLD Monthly Ticket - £19.98 (incl fees & VAT)

Come and meet online every Wednesday at

12 noon (UK)

Or, just pop in for a chat... we'll be here...

Access May 2020's Recording Archive

See our 6 minute Wednesday Workout Preview and recording archive.  Click here to see the page in vimeo an online streaming service that works on all devices

APC Roadshow Wednesday Workout CPD Quizzes

Please have a go at our free CPD quizzes.  

If you don't ACE them then maybe you should attend the Wednesday Workouts or grab the recordings!


Jump to a quiz...  Why not try your hand and test your knowledge?

No.2 - 01.04.20 - RICS Bye Law Update



No.4 - 15.04.20 - 5 Principles of Better Regulation No.1 - 25.03.20 - Registration of Firms & Updates No.5 - 22.04.20 - RICS PS Bribery & Money Laundering No.3 - 08.04.20 - Complaints Handling Procedure

If you didn't get 100%!  Subscribe and get the CPD learning too!

Ticket Options...

Do the FREE CPD Quizzes Do the FREE CPD Quizzes No.6 - 29.04.20 - UK Bribery ACT 2010 No.7 - 06.05.20 - Anti Money Laundering No.8 - 13.05.20 - Professional Indemnity Insurance No.9 - 20.05.20 - Client Confidentiality No.10 - 27.05.20 - Diversity & Inclusion Access April 2020's Recording Archive DeLever APC Revision Pack v3


Discount Voucher Options

* Silver pack £10 / Gold Pack £20 Discount

Event / Recording Archives - Non Subscriber £19.98

No.11 - 03.06.20 - Conflicts of Interest


Each month we give you a discount voucher off the DeLever Product of the month!

No.12 - 10.06.20 - RICS Guide to Surveying Safely No.13 - 17.06.20 - Negotiation Skills INDIVIDUAL - SILVER Monthly Ticket - £9.98 (incl fees & VAT) Access June 2020's Recording Archive Access July 2020's Recording Archive No.14 - 24.06.20 - CDM Regulations 2015 No.15 - 01.07.20 - Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 No.16 - 08.07.20 - Asbestos Regulations 2012


APC Masterclasses

We offer a range of online APC Process and Mandatory Competency masterclasses

Normally £35 incl vat

each Live or for 30 days Recording access

Session 2, 2020

coming soon


APC Competency

Writing Explained.  

Learn how to approach writing your Summary of Experience correctly

Normally £25 incl vat

for 30 days access




Contact [email protected] for your discount voucher code

No.17 - 15.07.20 - VAT Register for No. 40 FREE 14.10.20 Access August 2020's Recording Archive No.18 - 22.07.20 - IPMS Overview No.19 - 29.07.20 - RICS Document Status No.20 - 05.08.20 - PPE

Scores so far:

95%    It is online

93%    Value for money

92%    It's facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS

91%    APC CPD Hot Topic Talks

91%    Open APC Q&A throughout

89%    APC Updates

87%    Other DeLever APC Expert Coaches

86%    APC PASS Candidate feedback

86%    APC Assessor Feedback

86%    APC Pitfalls

85%    Open Mic - Discussion

84%    APC Roadshow Recording Archive GOLD

84%    It is in ZOOM

80%    APC Autocue 'Where You At!?'

80%    APC Roadshow Recording Archive SILVER

80%    It's On Wednesday at 12 Noon

77%    APC Roadshow Discount Vouchers £10 or £20

76%    APC Process Explained

APC Roadshow Wednesday Workout Satisfaction Survey

We asked and you said....


Survey Roadshow Feedback - Tell us what you think? Register for No. 30 FREE 14.10.20 Register for No. 30 FREE 14.10.20 Register for No. 40 FREE 14.10.20 No.21- 12.08.20 - COVID-19 Guidance Silver Gold
  • Access to the weekly online event LIVE

  • Access to the FULL CPD Recording Archive (constantly growing)

  • Plus a £20 discount voucher off the DeLever Product(s) of the Month

  • Access to the weekly online event LIVE

  • Access to the current month CPD Recording Archive (4+hrs)

  • Plus a £10 discount voucher off the DeLever Product(s) of the Month



40 CPD hrs

Total number of CPD hours available

No.23- 26.08.20 - IESC No.22- 19.08.20 - GDPR
No.24- 02.09.20 - Sustainability - Part 1
No.25- 09.09.20 - Inclusive Environments Access September 2020's Recording Archive No.26 - 16.09.20 - Riddor No.27- 23.09.20 - Sustainability Part 2 No.28- 30.09.20 - Ethics 1 to 5 - Part 1 No.29 - 07.10.20 - Ethics 1 to 5 - Part 2 No.30 - 14.10.20 - Clients' Money No.31 - 21.10.20 - Sustainability - Part 3