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"We meet loads of fantastic people from many different APC routes, pathways and countries, we have a unique APC Journey that we can offer each and every one..."

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"Jon was on hand at a critical point in my APC process, providing me with invaluable support, guidance and assurance prior to my preliminary review submission"

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"Jon's advice played a crucial part in ensuring the successful outcome of my submission"

"If you are struggling with any aspect of the APC and need some advice and support that you can trust, contact Jon"

Lowrie Simpson

APC & Preliminary Route

APC Candidate S2.2016


+44 (0) 1234 780 142

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"I used the myAPCDiary as part of my preparation for my final assessment, and found it to be a very useful tool. I’d always struggled to keep my documents up to date, but using the diary gave me clarity on areas where I was really struggling and needed to work on"

Amos Mthembo 

BSc (Hons) MSc MRICS

"The myAPCDiary also motivated me as I worked through the different competencies, as I could clearly track my progress through the reports the diary generated. I’d definitely recommend this product to all APC candidates"

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