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Presentation Solution

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I have used the DeLever resources during my training as a Surveyor since obtaining my degree and wholeheartedly recommend them to all APC candidates. The on-demand webinars and in-person workshops are a fantastic way to learn and improve both competency and presentation skills. A MUST USE RESOURCE!"


I should also add.... "Jon's clear, practical and concise advice made the process much easier to understand". Honestly Jon, I can't thank you enough for your support over the years that I've been building up the courage to sit my interview.

Richard Swan MRICS (Class of 2018)


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Revision Guides... revise, revise, coffee, revise

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Premium Mock Package

Full hour, actual assessment venue, instant feedback

Mocks 250c

Online APC Masterclasses

Expert advice and support delivered to you anywhere

APC Expert Coaching

Top class help and support for your unique APC Journey

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Meet our Premium APC Mock Interview Package

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DeLever is a leading worldwide provider of quality APC Competency and Process training and CPD, supporting Candidates, Supervisors, Counsellors and Employers and anyone else involved in the APC.

For over 18 years we have been building fantastic relationships that have developed during our & your APC journey, that have then continued to develop for the rest of our lives!

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Update? You Pay the price you see, incl fees & vat, no hidden costs!


Pre-Sub Document Review

Expert review of APC  assessment documents

APC iSpy Question Finder

Identifying questions you may be asked at interview

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FREE DeLever Network

Online, instant messaging APC talk and discussion.

FREE DeLever APC Forum Monthly, online key topic discussion, APC Q&A forum

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APC Presentation Package

Flipchart, Step by step video guidance. ACE your 10 mins

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APC Revision Guides

Study guides, Q&A guides Saving you 100s hrs of prep

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DeLever International APC Forums - FREE & LIVE - 11.10.19

Online FREE APC discussion forum with Jon Lever FRICS

Hot Topic Discussion:  HOT TOPICS for Session 2 Final Assessments


Australia - (12 Noon UK) - FREE, but no recording

UK - 12 noon (UK) - FREE, but no recording

Dubai - (12 Noon UK) - FREE, but no recording


PLUS: Post-Event Recording - Pay £6.92 (£5+VAT) to gain access for 30 days.

(All proceeds after costs, approx £5, will be donated to DeLever Charities www.DeLever.com/donate)


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FREE Resource Download

Available for ALL DeLever Network Members

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Free Resources to Download...

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Jon Lever FRICS has created a number of key guidance sheets which are freely available for anyone to download.  You need to Register for FREE with the Delever Network here, to get access to our FREE Download Page here 

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Recordings ON-DEMAND

Masterclasses, Forums etc. Rent & stream the recording

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Sponsor / Donate £5

20 years free support. Please pay it forward.  Thank you

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myAPCDiary  (Free one month trial at www.APCdiary.com)

Manage Your Whole APC Process, saving over 100hrs of Administration on the 24 month Structured Training Route

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Revision Guides

Presentation Packs

Mock Interviews

DeLever Moments

Take a break and share some of our moments?

myAPCDiary Login Buy the APC FInal Assessment - Hot Topic Mind Map £6.92 (£5+VAT) (Produced at the APC Forum 11.10.19)


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Buy the APC FInal Assessment - Hot Topic Mind Map £6.92 (£5+VAT) (Produced at the APC Forum 11.10.19)