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DeLever APC iSpy - Final Assessment Question Identification

Overview - APC iSpy Service Explained

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Do you know what you are going to be asked at your APC Final Assessment Interview?




We can help and provide you with an opportunity to have your submitted final assessment documents reviewed by one of our Pathway specific APC Expert Coaches (all active APC Assessors) and get a huge list of potential final assessment questions, relevant to your unique submission documentation, that the Assessor would expect to ask you.


Feedback from those who have used the DeLever APC iSpy Service, state in practice we are, on average, highlighting at least 70% of the questions that came up in their real final assessment.


You will receive a comprehensive feedback report, from the DeLever APC Expert Coach, detailing every question they would consider asking you, based upon your own unique assessment documentation, as if they were  really assessing you!

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Please Note:

The DeLever APC iSpy Service is ONLY available at set times of the APC calendar, after submission, and we suggest at least 2 to 4 weeks before your assessment.


Session 1

  • Land and Property 1 Mar to 30 Jun

  • Built Environment 1 Apr to 30 Jun

Session 2

  • Land and Property 1 Sep to 14 Dec

  • Built Environment 1 Oct to 14 Dec

Use every advantage for your final assessment?!


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IMPORTANT Feedback from DeLever APC Expert Coaches:

  • We have received some very poor submission documents in the past that do not allow us  to carry out a proper APC iSpy service.  If this occurs our APC Expert Coach will be in touch to discuss this with you prior to undertaking any work as your funds may be better spent on 'assessment damage limitation' coaching, focusing on how to mitigate the issues prior to your assessment!

  • Level 1 questions are going to be very similar as they are based upon knowledge base and there is only a finite amount.  Therefore please be aware if you and a colleague are using this service, across two different reports, the feedback on Level 1 may be quite similar.

  • We will ONLY provide an APC iSpy service on documentation that has been actually submitted to RICS for assessment.  If you have not yet done this we suggest you look at our APC Pre-Submission document review service instead.  

  • See: Services > Doc Review

is the


number of final assessment questions identified in your submission docs by a DeLever APC Expert coach

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You Pay the price you see, no hidden charges

APC iSpy:   £474.00

incl vat  (£395.00 excl vat)

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

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We always value your feedback.  Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you think of our APC Pre-Submission Document Review service or how we may improve it.

A DeLever APC iSpy - Assessment Question Identification Report Includes:

  • A three and a half hour remote review  by DeLever APC Expert Coach*

  • A comprehensive & detailed report identifying 100's of potential final assessment questions built around your unique APC submission documentation

  • An opportunity to discuss any items identified with the author of the report


  • Additional Coaching is available should you wish to engage a DeLever APC Expert Coach further.   See:  Service > Coaching


* We will generally need 2 weeks to produce the report.  

On occasion we may turn this around quicker.

  • Cancellation - If you decide to cancel your APC iSpy purchase and the DeLever APC Expert Coach has not yet expended any time, you can do so by contacting   [email protected]   .  DeLever will only be able to refund a portion of the payment if time has already been expended by the DeLever APC Expert Coach

  • Guidance & Advice - Please note the DeLever APC Expert Coaches provide their comments on the basis of their APC assessing experience. However, this does not guarantee that you will pass your APC as this is always dependent upon your engagement, preparation and  performance on the actual RICS APC assessment day.



We need 2 weeks

to deliver the

comprehensive report

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