Jon Lever FRICS

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Transitional Governing Council Elections close

at 23:59 on 3rd November 2017

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RICS Governing Council Elections

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Why I would value your vote:

  • I am an existing Governing Council member

  • I am involved daily with RICS Members at all levels of the Institution and I Currently Provide Membership Representation on Governing Council

  • I am heavily involved in the APC and therefore directly impacting on the Growth and Development of our Institution.  I Currently Provide APC Representation on Governing Council

  • I am a small business owner and we must ensure SME representation on Governing Council. I Currently Provide SME Representation on Governing Council

  • From my experience, it takes about 2 years to get fully up to speed with GC business. This transition governing council election is only for the next 2 years

  • I am currently facilitating a study into how Governing Council can better communicate internally and with RICS members and I would not want all the hard work I have done on that study to go to waste!

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My Nomination Statement:

I have been involved in the Construction Industry for over 32 years, of which 27 have been in Surveying and 22 as a Chartered Surveyor.  Through my experience and involvement I fully appreciate the needs of RICS, its members and our ever-changing industry.  


Over the last 20 years I have continuously engaged with RICS and its members as an APC assessor and chair of assessors. Since 2006 I have written and delivered the RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer role and trained over 7000 members to be new assessors, meeting a wide and diverse community and engaging in the international aspect of RICS with my counterparts around the world.


I have been heavily involved in the development of the APC for over 20 years and have worked closely with RICS Membership Operations and other membership departments.  I take an active role in driving the quality of our APC entry criteria and shaping our profession.  I am an enthusiastic advocate for innovation and development to maintain the quality APC process we have in place today.


I have been an RICS Training Advisor since 2002 and I have had the opportunity to experience the issues impacting local, national and international members and continue to work with and develop new members through my 24 year involvement with RICS Matrics.  I also engage with industry leaders at an individual and corporate level.


Since 2007 I have been involved at RICS in roles as a Member of the RICS Regulatory board and the RICS Ethics Sub Committee and engagement with the Institute of Business Ethics and strategies involving RICS’s pledge to be a diversity and inclusion industry leader.


For 10 years I have and continue to train many hundreds of RICS members regarding RICS Rules and Ethics, speaking regularly at conferences promoting RICS values and goals.  Since 2011 I have worked closely with other institutions engaging and reciprocating with RICS and I have developed my experience of our industry in international markets in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East


More recently, since 2015, I have been a member on Governing Council and have been actively participating in RICS Governing Council matters.  I am facilitating a communications working group for Governing Council reviewing the communication techniques and technology we use as we become more agile. As we move into the Institutions 150th year I am keen to see the Transitionary Governing Council through to its conclusion in March 2019, offering my experience, enthusiasm and energy.


I have been immensely fortunate to engage with and experience RICS from all angles, appreciating its structure, strategies, management and importantly engagement with members.  I see the benefit that all parties can bring and I offer my support to get the job done.  Helping to build what is one of the best professional institutions in the world and I am as proud today as I was the day I achieved my APC and I have an interest, willingness and commitment to continue supporting RICS Governing Council.


Jon Lever FRICS, October 2017

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‘Representing Members’


As I have the privilege to meet so many RICS members from all levels and walks of life I have and will continue to represent you on Governing Council


Thank you for your vote


‘APC Development’


I have been involved in the APC process for the last 20 years and a complete advocate for its effectiveness, professionalism and quality.  I am able to bring to Governing Council an excellent array of experience I this important area of our institution’s growth.


Thank you for your vote



‘Supporting SME's’


As an SME, I want to make sure we have a voice on Governing Council


Thank you for your vote



‘Facilitating Better Communication’


I'm facilitating a communication working group in GC focussing on better communication internally and to you, RICS members.  I hope to continue this work over the next two years.


Thank you for your vote

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‘Already Experienced and Engaged’


As I already have two years experience on Governing Council I am already engaged and I can be immediately effective on the Transitionary Governing Council


Thank you for your vote