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What you get with a DeLever Online Mock?

  • Accommodating an interview time and date to best suit your situation

  • Assessors review your documents

  • Online mock system check and system training prior to your mock interview

  • A pre-mock briefing with Jon Lever FRICS

  • A Full one hour APC interview ONLINE

  • Chaired by Jon Lever FRICS and an APC Competency expert from your pathway)

  • An instant feedback session with you immediately after your mock

  • All filmed / recorded and send back you for review and assistance with your Final Assessment preparation

  • 1.5hrs CPD as the mock Interview focuses on your declared competencies, perfect revision practice

  • Opportunity to be flexible on dates and times

  • Opportunity for ongoing coaching and support should you need it

PREMIUM measureup

DeLever Premium APC Mock Interview Package


Your Premium Mock Inteview Package

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How do YOU

measure up?

of our mock interview candidates said they were 86+% better prepared for their APC Final Assessment in session 1, 2020

IMPORTANT Terms & Conditions...

  • A 60 minute Online APC Mock Interview - With DeLever real and current APC Expert Assessors/Chairs. The DeLever APC mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it. The interview questioning will be based on your personal APC submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment. The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute instant feedback critique from the Assessors based upon your performance.*

  • Pre-Interview - We have a pre-interview briefing... just like at the real RICS APC interview!

  • Post interview - Coaching is available (at an additional charge) with the APC Assessor from your pathway.

  • Recording - Both the mock interview and the feedback session will be recorded so that you can review your performance and the questions asked, after the event** The recording of your mock interview and feedback session will be emailed to you to download within 7 to 10 days after your mock interview.

  • Cancellation / change of date - If you wish to cancel or move your mock interview less than 1 (one) month from your originally booked date DeLever will only be able to provide a refund if we can resell the mock interview place to another candidate, because we will have already committed the venue and Assessor costs.

  • Please email your complete submission document to [email protected] no less than 2 weeks before your mock interview. This must be your final submission and one single document.

  • Download the joining instructions from our website (www.DeLever.com/mocks) and we will reconfirm booking details a few days prior to your mock interview.

  • ADD-ON Packages, e.g. Coaching & iSpy, will be organised separately between you and DeLever Admin and DeLever APC Expert Coach


* Please note the assessor(s) provide their comments on the basis of your performance at the mock interview. However, this does not guarantee that you will pass the real APC, nor that a 100% identical assessment will be made by the Assessors at the real final assessment as this is always dependent upon your performance on the day.


** The recordings are provided on the basis that the recording equipment functions perfectly. Should there be a malfunction DeLever will endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to gain further feedback from the assessors.



Overview Detail

"My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue."

"The advice given gave clear light to where I needed to channel amy revision. I felt that they gave me confidence making sure I wasn't missing the easy wins and showed me clearly where I need to improve and be ready for the big day."

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86% of DeLever Mock Interview candidates did their mock interview between

2 and 4 weeks before their real final assessment...

APC Candidates Session 1, 2018


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DeLever Mock Interviews Feedback


they say...


"The mock interview was very useful, it provided various different types of questioning that assisted greatly in assessment preparation."

APC Candidates Session 2, 2018

"I found the interview and subsequent feedback incredibly useful during my APC preparation. The format of the interview was near identical to the format on the day."

APC Candidates Session 2, 2018

"The mock interview gave a true insight into the APC final assessment. It enables a candidate to identify their strengths and weaknesses before the interview and gain a better understanding of how the questions will be phrased etc. I know without the mock I personally wouldnt of been prepared for the final assessment. The feedback given is clear, constructive and invaluable."

APC Candidates Session 2, 2018

"This mock interview helped prepare me for my real interview to a level in which I felt quite confident."

APC Candidates Session 2, 2018


You Pay the price you see, no hidden charges


Held at our earlybird rate until further notice


Register to Guarantee

Mock Interview:   £420.00

incl vat  (£350.00 excl vat)



Mock Interview: £474.00

incl vat  (£395.00 excl vat)

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COVID-19 Update / Response

All DeLever mock interviews for session 2, 2020 will be held online.  

Book now to to guarantee our earlybird rate of £350+VAT

Please see our home page for any monthly discounts

A DeLever online mock caters for both eventualities.  Either having to do your assessment online or the opportunity to turn up at an assessment centre and do it face to face.


In these unprecedented times, with enough stress and concerns on your mind we wanted to have a definitive direction and we took the decision that yours and our health and safety was important and we have designed a mock interview experience to match what we believe you will experience at your real final assessment.


NOW TAKING BOOKINGS for DeLever Online Mocks (Guarantee your early-bird rate: £350+VAT)

As we are now not having to set specific panels and pathways for a full day attendance at an assessment centre we are able to be much more flexible with dates and times.

aV-iEIOfZulZNVj4meP-gKQIKms Feedback NOW TAKING BOOKINGS for Session 2, 2020

We have 3 Package Options you can book now...


1. Mock (GOLD) - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - Secure the Early Bird rate

Full Mock Interview discounted at £350+VAT (Saving £45+VAT)

Total Package £350+VAT (Saving £45+VAT)



2. Mock + (PLATINUM) - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - Secure the Early Bird rate

Full Mock Interview discounted at £350+VAT (Saving £45+VAT)

PLUS 2 hours of post mock Q&A coaching, discounted at £99+VAT per hour (Saving £53+VAT)

Total Package £548+VAT(SAVING £98+VAT)



3. Mock ++ (DIAMOND) - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST - Secure the Early Bird rate

Full Mock Interview discounted at £350+VAT (Saving £45+VAT)

PLUS 2 hours of post mock Q&A coaching, discounted at £99+VAT per hour (Saving £53+VAT)

PLUS APC iSpy Question Identification Report, discounted at £315+VAT per hour (Saving £80+VAT)

Total Package £863+VAT (SAVING £178+VAT)

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS for Session 2, 2020 NOW TAKING BOOKINGS NOW TAKING BOOKINGS for Session 2, 2020 - Select your PACKAGE when booking

Pick your preferred WEEK, DAY & TIME

and we'll do

all the rest

I found that the DeLever Mock Interview provided great insight into my weak areas prior to the real interview, allowing me to focus on those and ensure I was ready once I sat the real thing. This led to me passing the APC.

APC Candidates Session 1, 2019

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS for Session 2, 2020