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DeLever myAPC Diary - Online APC Management & Mentoring Tool

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DeLever's online innovation, helping you on your APC Journey by doing some of the heavy lifting for your APC administration time, managing your APC effectively and removing the hassle and frustration of the process.

The myAPC Diary Saves

Administration Time


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Your APC!

  • 200/400 Days

  • 48+hrs/yr CPD

  • Summary of Experience

  • Sorted!

myAPC Diary - APC Management & Mentoring Tool

APC Journet 250c

myAPC Diary a DeLever Innovation Since 2001, designed and developed by Jon Lever FRICS

Saving you over £2000 wasted on administration time when you could be out there fee earning

Based upon calculations done by DeLever from experience and all facets of the APC admininstration

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Downloading your data from myAPC Diary (www.APCdiary.com)

Click here for step by step guidance on downloading your data from the online APC Diary.


Register for your FREE copy of the myAPC Diary 2020

We are BETA testing and have a limited time introductory offer for our new online myAPC Diary 2020.  Complete the form below and  click submit... We'll be in touch.     (Click here if you can't see the form?)


Attend one of our myAPC Diary online information & training sessions

You are welcome to attend one of our myAPC Diary onlin information sessions with Jon Lever FRICS and discuss anything about the myAPC Diary


Join our ZOOM room on any of the following dates and times. We will send out joining instructions the day before:


  • Tuesday - 01 December 2020 @ 12 Noon to 1pm

  • Thursday - 10 December 2020 @ 12 Noon to 1pm

  • Monday - 14 December 2020 @ 12 Noon to 1pm

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DeLever myAPC Diary 2020 Introduction & Registration

DeLever APC Revision Pack v3

Important Information about myAPC Diary (www.APCDiary.com)

We are proud that myAPC Diary (www.apcdiary.com) has been a market leader since 2015 but COVID-19 means that we and our software partners are no longer able to support the current version of myAPC Diary (www.apcdiary.com) which will close down on 30 June 2020. However, we are replacing it with a new myAPC Diary 2020 which you can register for below.


Alternatively email us at [email protected]


Special Offer for existing

APCDiary.com users

myAPCDiary Help arrow

Click for myAPC Diary 2020 Help & Support

  • Designed and written by an expert and highly experienced APC Assessor, Chair, Assessor Trainer and Candidate (end users)

  • Online system

  • Managed through an internet browser

  • Updates your APC progress in an instant, in real time

  • Add, amend, adjust and reflect on all of your APC recording with ease, any time

  • Complete competency selection available (2015 & 2018)

  • Provides an opportunity to record multiple competencies so you can compare and contrast

  • Records your APC Diary in your own timeline chronology for up to 6 years

  • View your whole APC Diary in a single page

  • Creates a Log Book of detailed annual and year on year competency summaries

  • Monitors your Level 2 and 3 totals, recorded against each competency

  • Creates vibrant and colourful progress management graphs to monitor your APC progress

  • Records CPD for up to 6 years

  • Creates CPD management summaries to monitor your progress

  • Records the Summary of Experience

  • Monitors wordcounts of each competency type and level

  • Records competency sign-off as they occur in the candidate’s timeline chronology

  • Full error checking to ensure compliance with RICS process / Candidate guide

  • Supervisor online access

  • Supervisor can review and monitor diary inputs

  • Supervisor can review and monitor CPD inputs

  • Supervisor can review and monitor Summary Of Experience inputs

  • Supervisor can interact and sign off competency achievements

  • Counsellor Access

  • Counsellor can review and monitor Diary inputs

  • Counsellor can review and monitor CPD inputs

  • Counsellor can review and monitor Summary Of Experience inputs

  • Counsellor can interact and sign off competency achievements

  • Multiple candidate summary and analytics dashboard for APC Manager oversight

  • Robust online server access and up time connectivity

  • Timesaving 60% of Candidate Admin time (100+ hours over 2 years)

  • APC Process and management tool incorporating all APC parties

  • Follows RICS APC Candidate guidance to the letter

  • Candidate monitoring and prompting if non-use or errors

  • Supervisor and Counsellor prompting if candidate non use

  • Ability to back up and download all data personally

  • Ability to output data to an Excel workbook for backup and/or uploading for submission

  • Monthly online live training sessions with system manager

  • Instant Messaging dedicated discussion group

  • Complete APC Journey management tool

  • Backed up by DeLever Weekly

Here is a list of a few things you can do with the myAPC Diary 2020

You'll not find any other APC recording system like it, anywhere in the world!


We cannot decide which of the following benefits are the best because we love them all!

If we think of any more we'll add them to the list!

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An Effective APC

Management tool


Turbocharge Your APC - Save Loads of Time & Get it Right!

Register for myAPC Diary 2020 Register for myAPC Diary Training 2020 Register for myAPC Diary Training 2020